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Caliber Public Safety
Caliber Public Safety:

Caliber Public Safety, a leading provider of diverse and pioneering software solutions for the public safety market is comprised of four businesses: Global Software, InterAct911, Sleuth Systems, and TAC.10. The suite of highly specialized product offerings empowers dispatchers, first responders, law enforcement and public safety administrators to interact with accurate, real- time information and advanced situational command and control. With a combined 35+ years of experience, Caliber features integrated computer aided dispatch (CAD), records management software (RMS), and mobile application solutions.

Caliber Justice
Caliber Justice

Caliber Justice features jail and offender management solutions (OMS). From initial booking to release, our OMS provides a single source solution for managing the security and safety at your facility. User-friendly dashboards, accounting modules and scheduling assistants work together to provide cost savings and give administrators more control over day-to-day operations.


Local Government Building, Licensing, Inspections, Public Works and other departments use CityView to decrease customer call volume; shorten permit issuance times; promote citizen self-service; increase inspector productivity; and reduce paper and manual processes.

Harris ERP
Harris ERP

Harris ERP has been providing Enterprise Resource Planning software exclusively to the public sector for more than 30 years. We understand the challenges government agencies face to find software that is able to meet both current and future requirements. That’s why our native Web-based, modular architecture and flexible design provides you with a solution that is configurable, adaptable and easily evolves along with your enterprise needs. We’re the only public sector software solution that is truly limitless. Explore our solutions to find out more.

Harris Forms<
Harris Forms

We provide printing solutions to the wide array of clients using Harris software solutions. Whether you are a Utility Company, a Local Government, a School, or involved in Financial Management, Harris Forms has a solution for you. Post card utility bills, cut sheet bills with envelopes, pressure seal forms, checks and door hangers are among the products that we can supply. We look forward to earning your printing business each and every day.

Harris Govern

The industry leader in property appraisal and tax software! Harris Govern provides integrated assessment and tax collection software packages to state and local governments, with a complete line of services and exceptional customer support.

Harris local Government
Harris Local Government

Harris Local Government provides software solutions for Financial Management, Licensing, Parks & Recreation, Code Enforcement, Permit Management, Payroll Management, Tax & Utility Billing. We are focused on one vision – creating powerful software products to meet the public sector’s mission critical financial management and utility billing needs. Realizing that software is not ‘one size fits all’, we offer a variety of suites tailored to maximize your organization’s efficiency.

Harris Recording Solutions
Harris Recording Solutions

Harris Recording Solutions is the leading provider of innovative technology solutions specifically designed for county and local governments to help streamline document and workflow management and simplify county recording. Our solutions offer workflow intelligence and platform scalability no other software solution can match.

Harris School Solutions<
Harris School Solutions

As an education decision-maker, you expect and deserve choice when it comes to information management systems. Harris School Solutions provides a complete suite of K-12 systems, scalable for any size of operation. We provide precise, powerful solutions regardless of your size, demographics, or technology requirements.

System Innovators
System Innovators

System Innovators provides the technology today for tomorrow´s cashiering requirements for city, county and state organizations as well as municipally owned utilities. iNovah, the latest offering from System Innovators, is the first government centric .NET payment portal that has passed the VISA PA-DSS requirements testing.